Credit: Albert L. Ortega / Getty

This weekend, Halloween celebrations kick into full gear. And even our best dog friends will rock some fabulous costumes. Of course, these days there are tons of fashion-forward costume options for every furry friend. And who would say no to picking out both a costume for yourself AND a costume for your pet? That’s twice the costumes that you get to choose. This week, Loot Crate, the go-to subscription box for nerdy fun hosted a Halloween doggie costume contest, and the entrants were the cutest. Here are some of our faves from the night.

This cute little dog looked shockingly adorable in a Pikachu costume.

This puppy pumpkin patch is so adorable, who needs Jack-O-Lanterns?

This unicorn fairy grants all of our wishes with only his cuteness.

And this little devil could totally get out of trouble with a face like that!

This little pup probably feels like royalty carrying this lovely princess around.

These dogs in costume are so darling, we can’t even!

Happy HOWLoween!