Reddit had some fun yesterday, and we want to share the fun with you. So, a reddit user who goes by damien_shallwenot contributed a picture that has now been viewed over a million times, and the reason why is hilarious. We know a lot of images and videos on the Internet go viral, because that’s what images and videos sometimes do when they’re uploaded into the digital galaxy that is the Internet. But guys. THIS particular image that went viral is majorly cracking us up and making our day, and we have a feeling it will make yours.

Posted with the caption, “‘Thought my dog was with me in the bathroom, then walked out to look for her,” the photo shows what appears to be a black-and-white tiled floor and a fuzzy black bath mat. But is that really all that’s in the photo? Take a second and look again. No, really, just look a liiiiiiittle bit closer.

Do you see it? (No “The Dress” jokes, please.)

The sweet little yorkiepoo is simply sleeping curled up in the center of the rug, though obviously the color and texture of her fur make it nearly impossible to see her! Dogs are clever even when they aren’t trying to be. You sure fooled us, pup.

Redditors’ reactions range from plain confused to just laughing the whole thing off. One user suggested shaking one’s phone while looking at the image to get a clearer view of the pooch:

That’ll do, pup. That’ll do.

(Images via Imgur, Reddit)