Karen Fratti
March 14, 2017 7:02 pm

World, please meet Olly, the most eager Jack Russell Terrier you’ll ever meet. At Crufts 2017, Olly totally failed the dog show agility test, but he earned a place in our hearts forever and ever. Olly’s a rescue puppy who competed with his trainer Karen, from the Blue Cross, who is left to run around the court trying to guide the puppy through the events. It doesn’t go well. The pup begins by totally face planting the opening bar and he must have just decided that it couldn’t get any worse from there. The announcer can barely keep it together, “Olly is totally crazy, as you can see.”

He explains that 10-week old Olly is a rescue who’s had his name changed a few times and “must be confused.” But we’d like to believe that Olly is not confused, at all, and is just thoroughly enjoying the the chance to run around to his little heart’s content. He runs backwards through the chute and straight into a few walls because he can’t slow himself down fast enough to make the jumps and ramps.

Olly is smiling the whole time, so we don’t think he cared much about best in show, anyway.

Face plants to start.

“What a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less!”

Wrong way, dude.

“Doesn’t really matter does it?”

He just can’t keep it together and ends up all over the place. You need to watch the video with the volume, so you can hear the British announcer totally lose it watching Olly.

“Olly is totally crazy, as you can see, he’s having a ball. Loves life and exercise,” the announcer says, as the pup stops to sniff out a corner of the agility run, as if there was a squirrel or treat to be found. (There is not.)

He has no idea how terribly he’s failed, which is probably a good thing. Because why should a rescue dog have to do anything else except run around and sniff things? We’re here for you Olly.