Credit: Cemhan Biricik /

Hey there, dog owners! We have some more ammunition to add to your “Why Dogs Make the Best Pets Everrrr” arsenal of arguments that will shut those naysayers all the way down. Per Bored Panda, there’s a dog that thinks he’s a bobblehead IRL. The adorable 6-pound Maltese named Rocky mimics the toy’s head-shaking movement with startling accuracy and it’s the cutest thing ever. BOOM. Argument finished. What up tho, dog haters? YOUR PET COULD NEVER.

Oh, and everyone loves him. After Rocky’s human, photographer Cemhan Biricik, shared clips of the dog gettin’ his bobblehead groove on, the video racked up millions of views and loops on Facebook and Vine, respectively.

Here he is in action:

So now that Rocky is famous AF, he did what any celebrity dog would do: He created his own Facebook account to document his favorite activities (aside from chillin’ with bobbleheads) like letting the wind blow through his hair during car rides and responding to his growing fan base, which officially includes us.