Kenya Foy
Updated Apr 07, 2017 @ 3:17 pm
cat dog friends
Credit: Andrew Branch/Unsplash

More and more, it seems that dogs and cats are coming together to prove to the world that they can peacefully co-exist. There will always be doubters and some pretty convincing scientific evidence to show otherwise, but this dog that was raised with cats is making an undeniably strong case for the legitimacy of feline and canine-inclusive squads.

One could view this as a one-off moment of true cooperation between dogs and cats, but according to redditor The Ordner, who shared a pic of this doggie chilling in a cat tree, it’s so much deeper than that. Fact is, cats have made up this canine’s crew since day one, so much that he’s super comfortable with the feline lifestyle.

Looking at this pic of him lounging a few feet above his clawed companion, we almost mistook him for a cat. OK, so we really didn’t, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this photo is downright hilarious.

We FEEL this dog on a deep level. Like, we’ve all been at the point where the need to be extremely lazy takes precedence over everything else in life. Srsly, who has time to respond to the biological urge to engage in an inter-species fight when there are (cat) naps to be had?!

Besides, whenever the temptation for this dog to battle his cat bros arises, The Ordner says this tree-loving pooch simply “puts his paws on their heads” when they become annoyed.

Genius! And now if the rest of the world could just catch on to what those who are both dogs and cat persons already know, we could dead this cats and dogs don’t get along argument once and for all.