Krista Jensen
January 15, 2017 1:28 pm
instagram / @mixbrocoli

Before we even go on, just know that this is going to literally be a collection of skateboarding dog videos. Okay, good. Look, sometimes you want to know what Kylie Jenner is up to, sometimes you want to celebrate whatever sick, political injustice is currently being served a big, fat middle finger; and sometimes you want to watch a few pooches feel the wind in their ears as they effortlessly glide down the street on a skateboard. 

Things can get existential pretty fast. Do the pups know they’re on the skateboard? Do they care? Who was the first human to set their four-legged sidekick on a board and give it a push? The questions are boundless and yet, sometimes there no questions at all. Here is a dog, here is a skateboard — let the pieces fall where they may. Time is a flat circle.

Let’s take a little “me-time” on this Sunday afternoon to sit in lotus pose and watch these damn dogs, huh?

Imagine if “going for a run” looked more like this for a human? Like, less sweating and more being pulled along by some cute skater boy?

When you’re tiny but you want to take in the sights without totally getting exhausted, what do you do? You hitchhike:

Watch this buddy just hop off when the ride stops being exhilarating. Such a good note on life, you guys. If you don’t love what you’re doing anymore, just ditch it and find something new. Peace, little doggie.

If you’re not chilled outta your gourd yet, let the soothing instrumentals of “Here Comes the Sun” wash over you as you celebrate this young go-getter go-getting on a skateboard. So inspiring:

Uh, this little dachshund’s entire life looks awesome? And watch his tail wag in response to the encouragement! We cannot:


This dog is trying to figure out in real time just what exactly is happening and how she got there:

We can feel our blood pressures dropping at this one. So calming. Channel this dog in times of need, friends:

Always a show-off in the group:

You guys, who put this teddy bear dog on a skating board? Was it you?

Watch this dog stare everybody down like it’s none of their business if he chooses that #skatelife or not. The attitude is just palpable:

Same, dude. Same. (Is there anything better than the other dog that casually passes on foot? Like, how slow is that skateboard going? Negative speed?)

Annnd how about a quick YouTube compilation to hold you over till next week? Feel free to revisit this vid on Monday morning:

Do you guys feel that? That zen, that complete and utter second-hand bliss? It’s like we caught a glimpse of what it might be like to simply soar (like, four inches off the ground, but still) and literally roll with things before we go back to our normal canine routine of sniffing butts and licking our…whatevers. Though we don’t know who the first guy or lady was to introduce the pup to the skating apprentice, we salute them, whoever they may be. Watching these dogs bliss out was as rejuvenating as our first cup of coffee in the morning (almost).