dog sits to kendrick lamar humble
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Almost three months ago, one of our favorite rappers dropped an anthem that still has us bobbing our heads, dancing in our seats, and dismissing restrictive beauty standards. But animals are getting something from the tune as well, as demonstrated by this dog that sits on cue to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.”

Nothing tugs at our heartstrings more than a dog wearing a cone, so be prepared to fall head over heels in love with Daisy, this adorable, wide-eyed Yorkshire Terrier who loves Kendrick Lamar as much as we do.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Daisy’s human, Jennifer Kruse, Lamar’s famous “sit down” lyric from “Humble” supposedly prompts the precious pooch to follow the rapper’s instruction, and it’s seriously one of the cutest doggie moments we’ve seen.

The video opens with Lamar’s “Humble” video playing in the background.

A cone-wearing Daisy can be seen giving the carpet a serious snout inspection, as dogs tend to do. But when the song’s chorus begins to play, she does as she’s told and immediately sits down.

According to The Daily Dot, Kruse admits that she held up a treat to capture the dog’s attention but gives Daisy the credit for the well-timed sitting. Obviously the internet has its doubts, but Daisy is too cute to ignore.

OK, fine. So, maybe Daisy actually focused more on getting the treat than obeying Lamar’s lyrical command, but we’d be interested to see how many humans successfully use this song to train their dogs to sit down upon hearing the famous line.