Kit Steinkellner
February 19, 2017 10:50 am
Humane Society of Utah

Today in super cute and completely heartbreaking news, a dog recently arrived at the Humane Society of Utah with VERY specific instructions for his next family from the kid who loved him first.

3-year-old Rhino Lightning wasn’t the best fit for the first family that adopted him. He’s “unaware of his size” and gets rowdy when he plays. This means he needs to be in a home with bigger, older children.

Humane Society of Utah

The lucky family that gets to give this dog his forever home will get a super-detailed set of instructions from his former kid.

So what do these instructions say? First off, the dog’s name HAS to stay Rhino Lightning. But he can take your last name. Fair. Be aware that “his cheeks make a lot of slobber.” And “he likes sleeping under the blankets.” Take him on “2 or 3 runs a day.” Because “the more he gets out, the more well-behaved he is in the house.”

Note that Rhino Lightning doesn’t do too great with snow, swimming, or cats.  Also, remember that “he needs lots of attention. And “he loves people.” P.S. Never forget that “Rhino is a striped dream.”

Humane Society of Utah

Since coming to the Humane Society, Rhino’s temporary caretakers have learned a few more things about this wonderful pup to add to this already extensive list.

As Humane Society of Utah spokeswoman Guinnevere Shuster told Today, Rhino can sniff out peanut butter “from a mile away.” And he “loves to bounce around in the grass.” Dawwwwwww.

It’s sad that Rhino Lightning had to leave his beloved kid. However, we know that Rhino will find a wonderful forever home that will 100% be able to accommodate his needs.

And the lucky people who get Rhino next will get an extra treat.

Photocopies of all the instructions from this previous kid owner. Hooray! We can’t wait for Rhino to meet his new people. He sounds like the coolest dog and deserves the absolute best home.