dog running tied to chair
Credit: Viral Hog /

Dogs: We couldn’t hold ’em down even if we tried. Judging by this dog running while tied to a chair, canines have sheer will power and joie de vivre that absolutely will not bend to the confines of our well-meaning human agendas. Take it from us: That’s an amazing fact about dogs that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind the next time you try to dip off from your dog-walking and buy a coffee without your pup tagging along.

Needless to say, this caffeine-seeking dog owner could’ve benefited from one of those high-tech dog houses that allows you to stash your pooch in a comfy waiting spot, giving you just enough time to run a few quick errands.

Knowing that your pup is impatiently awaiting your return is far less stressful than dashing off to grab a cup of joe, only to come back to your dog running all over the park with a plastic chair dangling behind it.

As noted in the brief video description, this incident took place on the banks of the Thames River in London, where a very trusting dog owner tied her pooch to a chair while we she went to grab a drink at a nearby café.

And then this happened.

LOL! Clearly, this dog is having the absolute best time of its life, but we feel bad for its owner, who was forced to try and run down an excited dog, while trying not to spill her coffee. The struggles of pet ownership are just too real, y’all.