Briana Hansen
Updated Mar 18, 2017 @ 12:08 pm
happy dog
Credit: Shutterstock

Few things bring more joy into the world than animals. So taking time to celebrate your beloved pet’s birthday only seems like the right thing to do. And part of what we love most about animals is the fact that they are so honest with their expressions.

And this dog, Lucy, staring at her birthday cake is one of the most relatable looks we’ve ever seen from any canine companion.

Reddit user tastyhouse decided to treat his sweet Lucy to a birthday cake. He joked that he was worried about it being a waste of money. But the picture that was snapped of Lucy’s delighted reaction made it all worthwhile.

Credit: tastyhouse/

ICYMI, let’s zoom in on exactly what’s happening in Lucy’s eyes right now.

Credit: tastyhouse/

The intensity with which she is staring at that obviously delicious cake reminds us of every time we’ve had a sweet tooth craving.

The redditor is quick to comment that this birthday cake is totally dog friendly, for anyone who might be worried about that.

He ordered it from The Barkery in Massachusetts. The company seems to make all sorts of custom edible pup delights for four-legged companions, no matter what the celebration.

And, based on Lucy’s face, she enjoyed every moment of devouring this dog-friendly delight. After, of course, posing for this epic picture.

We should all be as lucky as Lucy to have someone who loves us enough to order us a personalized birthday cake. And may we be reminded by the intensity in her eyes that being excited about sweet treats is totally natural.