Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 6:17 am
Credit: Pac-man/Wikia

Every once in a while, the world needs to be reminded just how awesome dogs are. Even if you don’t consider yourself a canine lover, you won’t be able to resist the feels you’ll get from watching a dog play a real-life version of Pac-Man.

HelloDenizen‘s animal-meets-video game classic experiment is honestly has me wondering if I should’ve enlisted a dog’s help when I binge-played Ms. Pac-Man back in the day. On second thought, that probably wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as this adorable pooch who made his way through an actual man-made maze, gobbling paper ghosts and balloon dots along the way.

Have a close-up look at Pac-Dog. Don’t let that sweet face fool ya:

Credit: Hello Denizen /

Pac-Dog ferociously attacks the maze, which is the coolest thing ever:

Credit: Hello Denizen /

Then, he proceeds to clean house like a gaming #boss:

Credit: Hello Denizen /

First, I so want to adopt this dog (sorry, owners). Secondly, I had no idea how much I NEED a custom-built, real-life Pac-Man video game. Until then, I’ll be feverishly searching around for dog-friendly arcades.