Teri Wilson
August 22, 2015 6:00 am

Two months ago, Alyson Paige’s beloved dog Sophia was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Understandably, Alyson was completely heartbroken.

Sophia, a 6-year-old St. Bernard, has been a very special best friend. When Alyson and her husband struggled with infertility and underwent IVF treatments for years, Alyson leaned on Sophia for comfort and support. So when she learned that Sophia’s time was short, she wanted to do something special for her. She told the BBC, “I’ve been searching for ideas, just something to make the last time we’ve got with her really special because she’s been such a special dog.”

Like most St. Bernards, Sophia loves snow, so giving her one last opportunity to play in the snow seemed like the perfect gift. But it also seemed impossible given the fact that we’re smack in the middle of summertime. Then Alyson reached out to an indoor ski center in Manchester, England. In an interview with the BBC she said, “I sent an email, cheekily on the off-chance and never expected they would be so kind to let us come and bring her. We got the reply yesterday, and it was just before we were due to have her put to sleep, so it was just amazing.”

Thanks to Alyson’s persistence and the kindness of Chill Factore snow center, Sophia got to spend her last hours playing in the winter snow. Awww. Seeing Alyson and Sophia share a final happy moment gives us all the feels.

Sophia’s final romp was everything Alyson hoped it would be. At the snow center, she told the press, “She’s not really shown any interest in anything for a good couple of weeks now so just to see her with a waggly tail and diving around in the snow, snow angels…it’s just been amazing. It’s her last day, and this is a wonderful end for her.”

Snow angels? BRB sobbing.

Good dog, Sophia. Good dog. And good job Chill Factore for making such a special moment possible.

We wish Alyson and her family the best, and we’re so touched and moved by the love she has for her dog. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Watch Sophia’s last romp in the snow below. Warning: have a tissue (or 10) close-by.

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[All images via Chill Factore Facebook page and video via YouTube.]