Jill Layton
June 25, 2015 12:42 pm

Backyards in the summer are for barbecues, good times, and all things water-related — specifically, in this good-time situation, inflatable water slides. Milo the water-loving yellow labrador totally agrees and had the time of his life while playing on an inflatable water slide with a bunch of human kids. Of course, this was all caught on video. It’s 2015, you guys.

After sliding down the slide, Milo seems to have such a good time that he pops over to climb the inflatable ladder — single file of course — to do it again. Also, we’re super impressed with Milo for figuring out how this whole thing works.

The stairs seemed to be a bit of a struggle for Milo, as they would be for most dogs (and humans), but the struggle doesn’t stop him from reaching the top or flying right by the other kids waiting their turns. But the kids don’t seem to care because, dog on water slide.

Youtube user Dwayne Bergeron shot the video and in a comment on his Youtube page said, “Milo was up and down all day.” We believe it!

Milo loves water slides almost as much as we love Milo!

Take a look at the adorable lab and his day of water sliding fun.

[Images from video.]