This dog learned to Irish dance, and her skills are seriously mindblowing

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Nothing on your daily to-do list is as pressing as watching this dog learn to Irish dance, so put all of that non-essential stuff, like working and paying bills, to the side. This video requires your undivided attention.

So, it’s totally cute when your and your canine companion can get along wonderfully like the soulmates that you are, but we might have just stumbled upon the best human-dog relationship ever. How else do you get a dog to carefully observe and mimic choreography? Can someone tell us why this animal didn’t participate in the Westminster Dog Show? This is some top-notch dog talent.

As Bored Panda reports, the dancing dog of our dreams is a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd named Secret (which we’re assuming refers to these dance skills she’s been keeping under wraps). Secret and her human Mary obviously don’t have time for ordinary dog stuff like playing fetch or going for long walks because they would rather spend their days dancing side by side.

Impressive, right? Well that’s not all Secret can do.

Her balancing skills are off the charts.

She even plays the drums.

And she executes trust falls like no other.

Among Secret’s other talents are drawing, playing the piano and serving face and fierce poses in selfies:

Incredible! We’ve previously dished advice on dancing with your dogs in three simple steps, but we think we’ve found one easy step to teach your old doggie how to get its groove on: Hire Secret as your dog’s personal dance teacher.

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