Alexandra Villarreal
February 24, 2015 8:27 am

Everybody knows that dogs are (wo)man’s best friend, and we just couldn’t live without their furry little faces and wet button noses. My bichon frisé is back in Texas with my parents, and I miss her every single day. She’s my wallpaper on my phone and whenever I see her photo, it brightens my mood. But sometimes, when I’m far from home and especially in need of some canine cuddles, I race to the Internet to see what I can find that might nourish my dog-lover’s soul. Well y’all, have I found something today? If you’re looking for a one-stop spot for your daily dose of cuteness, you’ve found your link. Let’s talk.

Steve Minty is a mega fan of Disney Pixar’s Up and the proud father of his adopted BFF, a rescue affectionately dubbed “Dug” (yes, like the puppy in the movie . . . sometimes Steve dons a Russell outfit so the two can cosplay it up). Steve’s good friend Esteban reached out to the Youtube series “Super-Fan Builds” to ask designer and master builder Tim Baker if he could craft something cool for Steve based on his favorite film. As soon as Tim learned that Steve had a dog (and was obsessed with Up) he knew exactly what he’d do for the project! He decided to make a dog house replica of Carl’s humble abode, complete with ever-inflated balloons. Up and pups — what could be better?

The journey Tim and his crew took to carefully copy every detail of the Pixar home is insanely impressive. Intent on accuracy for their super fan and his pooch, they paid attention to literally every crack and crevice.

For example, the team used over 750 plastic eggs to craft the perfect mold for the perfect balloon cluster. Like, what??

They even put a mini-Carl inside the house so that Dug wouldn’t get lonely.

Finally, after days of work, Tim surprised Steve and Dug with their very own Up collector’s item. It fit in well with all of Steve’s Up fan art and paraphernalia, and Dug looked pretty comfy in the new home.

But there’s nothing quite like the glory Steve and Dug together, doing their cosplay thing as Steve dresses like Russell. We’ve gotta say, the house looks might fine.

If you want to see the incredible construction of the dog house from start to finish, you can check it out here. Thou shalt not regret going down this 10-minute rabbit hole.

(Photos via here)