Caralynn Lippo
Updated Aug 11, 2016 @ 3:08 pm
Credit: Twitter/Skylar Kendzia

Dog grooming is an occasionally annoying but definitely necessary part of dog ownership. While pets don’t *typically* love getting dunked in a bath or snipped at with scissors for a fresh new ‘do, maintaining their coat is an important part of their health – not just an aesthetic issue. Unfortunately, sometimes grooming goes a little haywire, resulting in some goofy looks for your pet – and that’s exactly what happened to one dog owner.

Josh Pitruzzella’s dog went to the groomer, resulting in a, um, bodacious blowout for his adorable shih tzu. Pitruzzella was not pleased (to say the least).

Pitruzzella shared the before and after photos of his dog via Twitter, all-caps raging about what had become of his cute lil’ pup.

In his tweet, the disgruntled dog owner explained that he had “asked the groomer to just give [his] dog a trim” but that “an hour later [he] picked up a rat on meth.” LOL! That description is sorta harsh but honestly, not inaccurate.

According to Mashable, the poor little meth-rat-looking dog is an 11-year-old shih tzu named Mimi. Though Pitruzzella’s tweet doesn’t mention anything about his father being the one to take the dog to the groomer, Mashable explains that the younger Pitruzzella asked his father to handle that and “in an effort to save money, Pitruzzella’s dad told the groomer to shave everything except poor Mimi’s ears and tail.” Oops.

The combination of the hilarious photos of little Mimi and Pitruzzella’s outrage (and hilariously apt description of Mimi’s new look) caused the tweet to quickly go viral. At last count, it’s gotten over 12,700 retweets and over 18,000 likes.

On the sorta-bright side, at least the new ‘do (which, really, would be a ~fab~ blowout on a human) wasn’t very expensive.

I mean, $35 for a dog’s haircut isn’t awful, though it’s nothing to sneeze at.

And on another definitely bright side, Twitter has come up with some truly priceless responses to Mimi’s haircut debacle.

“How could you humans do this to me? I am a shih tzu, not a fuzzy rat!” false

Practical solutions offered! false false

And now, Mimi has all sorts of celebrity doppelgängers.

One thing is for sure: Silly blowout or not, Mimi is an adorable pup either way. Fingers crossed that she’s back to her old self soon!