Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 11, 2016 10:21 pm

When it comes down to it, our favorite thing about social media is being able to follow the lives of the amazing dogs of Instagram. Seriously, they just give us all the feels! We get to watch them grow from tiny pups to big (well, sometimes still pretty little!) dogs, and we get to cheer them on as they learn and accomplish their dog accomplishments. And Meatball, a dog with cerebral hypoplasia, is one of those dogs. We have nothing but love for this festive dog.

As a result, when we came across his Christmas video, we were so warm and fuzzy inside, and also giggling nonstop. What’s better than a dog dressed up for the holidays? NOTHING.

Honestly, you just have to watch this little festive dog living it up because it’s the ~holiday season~ and he’s overloaded with cheer!

From the music to the outfits to Meatball’s sweet little face, we can hardly stand it. Talk about a cuteness explosion!! Our hearts are basically bursting right now.

But this little dog’s holiday cheer doesn’t end with that ridiculously epic video!

Just look at how happy he is in his Santa hat!

Nothing but love for good ol’ Santa Claus.

Meatball even got to meet Santa, which was clearly a big day because SANTA.

We’ll love you forever, Meatball! TG for you and your ridiculously festive dog vibes.