S. Nicole Lane
Updated Mar 11, 2017 @ 11:25 am
cincinnati zoo dog tiger
Credit: cincinnatizoo / https://www.instagram.com/p/BRdxzFAB9Hw/?taken-by=cincinnatizoo&hl=en

Incoming: Adorable nature news from the Cincinnati Zoo. Blakely, a six-year-old Australian Shepard dog, is a resident foster parent for animals whose own parents ignore them. Being called into dad duty is natural for Blakely. And, most recently, he’s been taking care of some sweet tigers.

Three tiger cubs, who were ignored by their mother, needed some animal affection. So Blakely cuddles them without hesitation.

Just so you know, Blakely is known for being a foster parent.

And his nickname is “super dog.” He has cared for cheetahs, an ocelot, a takin, wallabies, skunks, bat-eared foxes, and a warthog. Yes, a warthog. Accordingly, the City of Cincinnati even made October 19th, “Blakely Day.

By providing comfort, play, and a body to climb on, Blakely is an award-winning “cool dad.”

And the tiger cubs Chira, Batari, and Izzy are taking to Blakely just fine. They are learning from him all of the things that they should be learning from their mother.

After their last round of immunizations, the cubs will move to Cat Canyon at the zoo. Once there, they will surely outgrow Blakely and begin to live out their lessons learned from their doggie dad.