doggie wedding

Question: What’s more special than watching a loving couple exchange vows on their wedding day?

Answer: Watching FIFTEEN couples tie the knot, all at the same time!

Oh, and wait. Instead of humans, those couples are dogs. Yes, you guys. That actually happened.

Last weekend, in a town called Nanjing in the Chinese providence of Jiangsu, fifteen doggy couples got married. And if the idea of thirty dogs promising to love and cherish one another until death do them part wasn’t already adorable enough to give us heart eyes for life, they dressed up for the occasion. (Because of course they did.) These dogs weren’t messing around. They went full-on Vera Wang. And why not? It’s not every day you get hitched, especially if you’re, you know, a dog and all.

The ceremony was a lavish outdoor affair, because where else would a dog get married besides a park? I mean, really. There were spectators and balloons and scattered rose petals. (Was there a tiny puppy flower girl? Please tell us there was. Please.) Most of the dogs walked down the aisle, but some preferred to be carried by their pet parents. (We’re guessing dog weddings don’t include the part about leaving your parents and cleaving to one another. Who would buy the kibble? )

The newlyweds were even given marriage certificates.

According to Mashable, this is the fourth time the village of Nanjing has held a mass canine wedding ceremony. You know what that means…we’re all moving to China. Toodles.

[Images via iStock.]