Kenya Foy
Updated March 27, 2017
@NHL /

Since winter is over (yay!), we know the last subject you want to hear about is ice. But what we have to show you also involves a cute animal, so make an exception for us this one time, will ya? Before you say no, this video of a dog chasing a hockey puck at an ice rink will make you forget all about the tundra hell from which you just emerged because seeing dogs totally kick ass at sports is the absolute best.

According to Mashable, the golden retriever played a round of fetch on the ice with a police officer prior to a match between the Washington Capitals and Arizona Coyotes on Saturday. The pair made for one hell of an unofficial pre-game show, and we promise you will forgive us for bringing up a cold weather reminder once you see this dog’s super sweet fetch-on-ice skills.

The National Hockey League shared the Capitals’ video of the enthusiastic pooch insisting on some ice time before the players hit the rink. In the clip, he grabs the puck in his mouth and maintains an impressive amount of control over his paws, happily sprinting from one end of the rink to the other with only a minimal amount of sliding.

GAH! And just like that, this dog and his slippery game of fetch just became the bright spot in our day!

Sorry human athletes, but with this video being shared all over social media and softening hearts worldwide, consider this a paws-down declaration that dog hockey is the best hockey.