Kenya Foy
February 27, 2017 4:12 pm
People's Daily, China /

Despite being extremely lovable creatures, sometimes our favorite domesticated animals let their tempers lead them into extremely reckless situations. We know this battling duo obviously don’t give a hell, but this dog chasing a cat resulted in a broken window, and all we can think is Seriously, guys?! Whyyy must species rivalries be so damn stressful on humans? Why can’t you be like this dog, cat, and duck family that does everything together without trying to rip one another to shreds? Sorry, but this one time we’re just *not* into that whole dog-prey instinct.

Anyway, if you’re both a dog and a cat person, you already know it’s possible for canine and felines to get along like one huge, happy, loving ball of fur. There are numerous examples of true cooperation between dogs and cats, but unfortunately, this incident was not one of them.

Like, this is what we ~lurve~ to see happening with cats and dogs:

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But the surveillance footage obtained from a store front in China is the complete opposite of that sweet, cat-dog lovefest. As the YouTube caption reads:

Oof. OK, now we feel bad for dissing the dog so hard. Obviously, karma came at the poor pooch harder than our scolding ever could.

Our hearts go out to the cat, the dog (and its head), plus the unfortunate shop owner who probably spent a pretty penny to fix the aftermath of these animal shenanigans.