Credit: Tiffany Pitts

As Americans across the country make their way to the polls to cast a vote for their U.S. Presidential Election pick, another smaller, but no less important, battle is being “fought” by an unlikely campaigner – a dog named Thor. Thor Michaelson is an adorable german shepherd and also the pet of author Tiffany Pitts. In an image first picked up by Reddit (though originally appearing in an article from, it looks as though Thor has been out on the trail ~campaigning~ for something ALL DOGS (and cats, in my personal experience) can relate to…the demise of awful, terrible, no-good vacuum cleaners.

“Thor Michaelson Says NO To Vacuums!”

For clarity, Thor’s campaign sign also explains that “they’re loud and they freak him out.” LOL. And it’s clear other Redditors are TOTALLY on board with this dog’s campaign adding funny and clever comments like, “MAKE THE LIVING ROOM/LITTLE AREA BEHIND THE COUCH GREAT AGAIN.”

And it doesn’t just end with this one adorable campaign yard sign!

Because you can download your very own PDF of this sign (and more!) from the official Thor Michaelson website, which actually runs under the name “Vacuum Cleaner Defense League,” or you can just buy one here (as well as mugs and stickers).

Other adorable Vacuum Cleaner Defense League campaign “slogans” include:

“Thor Michaelson Votes YES! To Walkies.”


“Thor Michaelson Wants to know…Are you going to eat that?”


Thor’s website actually has some more hilariously cute anecdotes, like other member photos (which is perfect if you love cute photos of dogs…and WHO DOESN’T?!). And there’s even a mission statement:

Speaking to HelloGiggles, Thor’s owner, Tiffany Pitts explained that she had made the campaign signs in a response to “dreading the upcoming election.” Pitts said,

And we have to agree, the signs totally make us laugh, too!

Pitts reassures us all that, “As a candidate, [Thor] has not wavered in his position – No to vacuum cleaners, yes to walkies, and turkey hot dogs. He’s currently in the front yard drafting a position on territorial rights for squirrels.”

And on behalf of our and all other pets out there, you have our vote Thor!