So, 2014 brought us the mainstream cultural birth of the Cat Café — a seeming Mecca for the conscientious coffee-guzzler and cat-lover who doesn’t have a cat of their own. But 2015? Well, equal-opportunity-animal-lovers, this year might just be the one in which the empire strikes back. Long-time canine advocate Sarah Wolfgang has begun an Indiegogo campaign to bring a dog café to Los Angeles. In other words, everything just might be awesome.

Wolfgang, who has been crusading for needy dogs since the age of 14, when she worked at a private animal shelter in Korea, has big plans for her new enterprise. The Dog Café will aim to find permanent homes for at least 104 homeless puppies within its first year. According to the campaign’s site, by lending caffeine junkies a calm and pleasant atmosphere in which to socialize with adoptable pets, “[the] project will reinvent the way people view adopting dogs, and give dogs that seem ‘unadoptable’ a chance at their own forever home.”

There’s definitely something about the combination of pets and cafes that gives prospective adopters a genuine chance to envision life with a furry friend — and the happy setting is in no small part thanks to the coffee. To make their Mecca even tastier, the Dog Café hopes to partner up with the Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co., a fair trade, local, organic brand with its own altruistic agenda. Grounds and Hounds gives 20% of their profits back to local, Southern California rescue partners. Talk about a win-win.

Wolfgang’s campaign hopes to secure at least $200,000 in start-up funds – in the name of staff, creating a large ‘Dog Zone’ space, in which pups can run around, and “comfortable sofas for you and Fido to lay on.”

She’s got 21 more days to reach her goal, so check out her campaign here! And pause (paws?) for a second and really think about how wonderful a dog cafe would be . . . yeah, pretty wonderful.

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