Amanda Malamut
March 04, 2017 12:55 pm
Facebook/Daisy Woodruff

Excuse me while I grab all of the tissues! Daisy Woodruff—an adorable, happy dog from Roseburg, Oregon — has a second chance to be a mom to some orphaned puppies. Sadly, according to Jessica Woodruff, Daisy’s human mom, Daisy lost all seven of her puppies in a barn fire on February 20th.

They also lost four goats, one pig, and the entire barn in the fire. BRB crying forever.

Of course, Daisy had a hard time with the loss of her puppies, but luckily, people helped her be a mother. Woodruff knew that one of the ways to help Daisy was to find some puppies for Daisy to adopt as her own. So Jacque Barnett, Woodruff’s sister, posted a note on a local Facebook page, searching for anyone who could help.

Fortunately, a local radio station came to the rescue. A radio host saw the Facebook post and told Daisy’s story on the air. Then, a local television station heard the story on the radio and decided to air a segment about the search for foster puppies. From there, an owner of eight orphaned puppies contacted Woodruff and brought the pups over the next day.

Daisy’s adopted puppies improved her demeanor.

Daisy is going to care for the puppies until they are weaned. All of the puppies will go home except for the runt. That pup will go to Woodruff’s grandparents.

Excuse us while we mop our tears from off the floor!