These DIY watercolor pillowcases will turn your bedroom pillows into works of art


Show off the artist inside with these wondrously colorful watercolor pillowcases. The best part? Most of the supplies for this craft are likely ones that you already have. These pillowcases will allow you to add a simple but defining pop of color to any room. They’re a super easy and inexpensive way to update your bedding and spruce up your personal space.

There’s nothing more satisfying than resting your head on a pillowcase of your own creation, so grab your watercolor palette and get ready to turn your pillows into an art piece.

DIY Watercolor Pillowcases


Watercolor paints
Fabric painting medium
Plastic bag or tarp to cover work surface
Paint brush


1. Get pillowcase wet and wring it out.
2. Place the pillowcase on a plastic-covered surface.
3. Wet the watercolor paints to soften them and paint the pillowcase. The paint will transfer to both sides, so there is no need to paint the back separately.
4. Mix 2 parts of water and 1 part of fabric painting medium in a cup.
5. Coat the pillowcase with the fabric painting mixture.
6. Allow to dry flat. Speed up the drying process with a hair dryer. Iron the pillowcase to set the color, or dry it on high heat in a dryer.

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