Bailey Benningfield
Updated June 09, 2017

Looking for proof that unicorns are real? Well, look no further. Add some whimsy to your space with this mystical, not to mention adorable, rug that comes straight out of a fairy tale. Get ready to join the world of mermaids, rainbows, and all things enchanted.

This no-sew rug is super easy to make with some fuzzy fabric and a little hot glue. Impress everyone with your crazy crafting skills and dreamy decor — perfect for anyone whose tastes skew toward the whimsical. We may not have a magic carpet, but we can finally have a magically chic one with this DIY unicorn rug!

Unicorn Rug


Rug canvas (approximately 18 in. x 32 in.)
1/2 yd. white fur fabric
1/4 yd. rainbow fur fabric
1/4 yd. large rope
Black felt (stiffened)
Hot glue
Fabric scissors


1. Using a marker, sketch out a unicorn shape on the rug canvas. When you are happy with one side of the design, cut it out, fold the canvas in half, and trace it on the other side, so the unicorn shape is symmetrical. Cut out the other side.
2. Flip the white fur over to the non-furry side. Using the rug canvas as a stencil, trace the shape with a marker onto the white fur and cut it out.
3. With the white fur still flipped over to the non-furry side, hot glue the rug canvas to the white fur around the edges.
4. Cut eyes out of the black felt and hot glue them to the white fur.
5. For the mane and tail, cut out two tear drop shapes from the rainbow fur: one larger and more elongated for the mane and one smaller for the tail.
6. Tie off one end of the large rope and secure the knot with hot glue. Cut the other end at a diagonal and trim it to a point. Hot glue around the point to shape it and to prevent the rope from unraveling.
7. Cut a 1 inch hole at the top of the mane and stick the horn through. Secure with hot glue.
8. Hot glue the mane and tail to the white fur.