It’s about that time in the northern hemisphere; summer is either fast approaching, or already here. It’s finally time to dust off the grill that’s been sitting in your basement for the past several months, stock up on frozen treats, bust out the reclining lounge chair, throw on your brand new swimsuit and invite everyone over for a backyard blowout.

What’s missing from this picture? Bodies wading and soaking in cool water of course. Supplying a pool for your backyard soiree has previously been limited to two options; the overwhelming cost of an actual pool installation, or the underwhelming dissatisfaction of a blow up baby pool for people to get their feet wet for a few minutes.

Don’t worry, there’s a new remedy for your aquatic frustrations on the market and you won’t believe that up until now it’s practically only ever been used to feed livestock.

Lovingly referred to as “hillbilly hot tubs,” stock tank pools are quickly becoming a backyard staple all over the country. Check out these examples of ways to soak in the sun and get inspired!

Canopy stock tank dreaming’

Look at this beautiful and romantic pool with a canopy!

Keepin’ cool!

We love this cute pup enjoying the water in the pool!

A pool with a view

We wish we could look out at this mid morning!

Lazy summer Sundays..

This looks like the dream!

Dessert lounge vibes

We want to be where they are. You can literally set up your stock tank wherever there is a hose.

Swimmin’ holes and star gazing

This user knows what’s up. Check out all of those umbrellas and sunny vibes!

Good Housekeeping strongly recommends still doing basic pool maintenance on your lo-tech pool. A pool filter and pump, proper chlorine application, and regular water quality tests will help ensure that your backyard oasis stays free of nasty bugs and bacteria. Because safety first, y’all.