DIY Rainbow Rope Bowl
Credit: HelloGiggles

Have you ever gone into a home and loved the decor so much…before realizing you could never afford half of it? The good news is that you can often (and easily) make something that looks just as amazing and if not more beautiful and unique to your home than what you would find in a large, stuffy retail store.

This DIY rainbow rope bowl will brighten any room in need of a cute tabletop bowl. A few drops of salt and cotton dye into some boiling water, and you’ve made yourself a rainbow. Soon people will be asking you where you got your decor and you’ll be able to tell them it’s one of a kind. And that, my friends, is priceless.

DIY Rainbow Rope Bowl


3 glass jars
3 tsp Salt
Cotton dye (pink, yellow, blue)
3 yds cotton rope
Hot glue
Glass bowl


1. Add 1 tsp. of salt to each of the 3 jars. Fill them with boiling water and stir until the salt dissolves.
2. Add 1 tbsp. of pink, yellow and blue cotton dye to each jar. Stir until fully dissolved
3. Submerge sections of the cotton rope into each jar. and let soak for 45 minutes.
4. Dip some of the pink rope into the yellow jar to make orange, and some of the yellow rope into blue to make green. You can also dip some of the blue end into the pink to make purple. Let sit for another 45 minutes.
5. Remove the rope from the dye and rinse it in cold water. Ring out the excess water and let dry.
6. Coil one end of the rope and glue in place. Continue coiling and gluing around a small glass bowl.