Make this rainbow crystal clutch for every Lisa Frank lover you know


The gift-giving and gift-making season is upon us. Whether your family members are super picky or you just want to give them something special and unique, DIY is always a winning solution.

This DIY rainbow crystal clutch is literally the clutch present: You can customize a clutch or a bag into something different for the Lisa Frank-lovers of your friends and family. Choose and arrange the crystals and beads to match their different auras. And don’t forget to buy some extra supplies because you might very well want to upgrade one of your old clutches, too. It’s never a bad idea to DIY for you or someone you love this season.

DIY Rainbow Crystal Clutch


Clutch purse
Bedazzling glue (for fabric and rhinestones)
Multicolor pack of acrylic rhinestones


1. Sort the colors you would like to use and arrange them in rainbow order.
2. Glue the rhinestones on, starting at one end and leaving a little space between them.
3. Gradually add new colors for an ombre effect.
4. Allow the glue to dry according to the label.

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