This DIY rainbow calendar is the most whimsical way to schedule your week

Stay on top of your busy schedule with this ultra colorful DIY dry erase rainbow calendar! It’s guaranteed to add a pop of color to your wall and inject a bit of fun into keeping track of plans. Add any shapes and colors your heart desires to give your calendar its own unique personality. It’s bright, convenient, and completely customizable.

All you need are a few paint swatches and a blank picture frame to make this reusable calendar. Set aside a little time in your schedule to create this craft and you’ll stay organized year-round.

DIY Rainbow Calendar


7 paint swatch cards with at least 5 shades, plus more for days of the week and the month
Glue stick
Picture frame
White paper measured to fit the picture frame
Permanent marker
Dry erase marker


1. Measure the picture frame and cut the white paper to fit.
2. Glue the 7 paint sample cards to the white paper.
3. Cut out small rectangles and use a permanent marker to write the days of the week. Glue them above the paint swatches.
4. Cut out 9 triangles to decorate the top and glue them on.
5. Put the calendar in the picture frame.
6. Use a dry erase marker to write the month with one letter in each triangle. September is the only month for which you’ll need all nine. Write the dates and events with dry erase markers as well.

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