These DIY photo candles are perfect for making your holiday season lit


As the holiday season approaches, we tend to panic over what to get friends and family. With everyday expenses and travel, the struggle to find extra money in the bank by November and December is real. The easy go-to gift is often a framed picture from a favorite memory together or, you know, a candle. But what if you combined the two?

If you’re sick of buying the same frame and candles while shopping last minute, it’s time for a remix. Introducing the DIY photo candle: This craft will feel super unique and personal for anyone you gift it to. Check out the video below for instructions on how to make it. Your ingenuity will blow everyone away this holiday season by making two gifts become one.

DIY Photo Candles


Printer paper
Tissue paper
Parchment paper
Hair dryer
Oven mitt


1. Cut out a rectangle of of tissue paper slightly smaller than the printer paper. Tape it to the printer paper using one long strip where the paper first enters the printer.
2. Print photos out on the tissue paper and cut them out.
3. Place the tissue paper photo onto the candle and cover tightly with parchment paper.
4. Hold onto it firmly with an oven mitt and heat the photo evenly with a hair dryer until the picture becomes clearer and has fused to the candle.
5. Carefully peel away the parchment paper.

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