This DIY moon garland is the perfect way to turn your bedroom into a celestial haven


We love all the moons. Quarter, new, full. We can’t get enough of following the phases and reading everything we can about how it effects our astrological signs. If you’re as into the lunar calendar as much as we are, you’re going to love this moon garland and it’s so easy, too. Just pick out your favorite glam scrapbook paper and get started.

You can even organize a party to make these with your friends. All you’ll have to do is planet! Get it? Plan-et? Plan it? Sorry about the space puns, we’re just full of ’em today.

Moon Garland


Small bowl or dish
Scrapbook paper (holographic, metallic, and/or colorful)
Glue stick
Hole puncher


1. Draw circles by tracing around the dish/bowl with a pencil. Trace 2-4 circles per paper color.
2. Cut out the circles.
3. Use the same dish/bowl to trace different moon shapes. Cut some circles in half for the half moon. Cut out the shapes.
4. Use a glue stick to glue the shapes together.
5. Hole punch the top of each moon and thread twine through, tying a knot to secure.
6. Create the garland by tying each moon’s twine to a long string of twine. Hang up with thumb tacks or other hanging method.

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