DIY Mermaid Crowns

Summer will be here soon, which means that mermaid season is officially upon us. What better way to channel your inner sea princess than with a shell-adorned tiara that looks like it came straight out of an underwater kingdom? You’ll dolphin-itely look like Merfolk royalty.

Dive into this adorable DIY with just a few shells, some pipe cleaners, and a little gold spray paint that will help make you look like a super glamorous water siren sitting on your throne beneath the waves. This crown is “shore” to bring out the mermaid inside you!

Mermaid Crown


Plastic party tiara
Gold spray paint
Gold pipe cleaner
Hot glue gun
Sparkly centerpiece (Brooch, earring, or pin)


1. Spray paint the tiara gold.
2. Wrap the tiara with gold pipe cleaners.
3. Design a shell layout before gluing.
4. Hot glue the centerpiece and shells to the tiara.
5. Fill in the crevices with small pearls.