Bailey Benningfield
Updated October 05, 2017 11:21 am

Halloween always gives us flashbacks to the pumpkin carving sessions of our childhoods. Although we sometimes miss the seeds, the goop, and the flimsy carving kits, the mess can be overwhelming. This glam unicorn pumpkin DIY is the perfect solution for those of us who want all the Jack-o-lanterns but none of the clean-up of a real pumpkin.

Complete with glitter ears, a sparkly horn, and authentic rainbow fur, these glam pumpkins are perfect for the unicorn-lover in your life. Get ready to have the most magical Halloween ever.

DIY Glam Unicorn Pumpkins


Faux pumpkins (or real)
Spray paint
Faux fur
Glitter craft foam
Metallic string
Felt (for the eyes and ears)
Hot glue gun


1. Spray paint the pumpkin and allow to dry. You may need to apply a few coats to get an even color.
2. Cut out the faux fur in an oval mane shape. Cut a small hole for the pumpkin stem.
3. Place the mane on the pumpkin and glue around the edges to secure.
4. Cut a triangle/cone shape out of the craft foam. Hot glue the metallic string to the tip of the cone. Coil the craft foam into a cone and hot glue to secure. Wrap the metallic string around the horn and glue it at the bottom. Trim any leftover string.
5. Glue the horn to the pumpkin over the stem.
6. Cut out small triangles from the felt for the ears. Cut smaller ones out of the craft foam for the inner ears. Glue the craft foam triangles to the felt triangles. Cut a small slit at the base of the ear, dab some hot glue and overlap the edges to create slightly rounded ears. Glue the ears to the pumpkin.
7. Cut out eyes and nostrils from the felt and glue them to the pumpkin. Alternately, you can draw eyes and nostrils with a paint marker.