This DIY enchanted rose will light up your life

Take a moment to stop and smell the glowing tulle roses with this bewitching DIY! This Beauty and the Beast inspired craft looks like it’s made for a princess. Using battery-operated LED lights, this luminescent flower can easily travel beyond your castle’s walls.

All you’ll need to be the “Belle” of the ball is a little tulle, a string of lights, and a glass bell jar. Watch the video below to live your real life princess fantasies, and see la vie en rose with this sparkly, magical decoration.

DIY Enchanted Rose


Cloche bell jar with base
5/8″ wood dowel
Super glue
LED lights (for floral arrangements)
Floral tape
Artificial rose stem
Red glitter chiffon ribbon (about 4 ft. or as long as LED strand)
Pink glitter chiffon ribbon (about 4 ft. or as long as LED strand)
Artificial rose petals


1. Fold the end of the pink and red chiffon ribbon and roll them up to form the center of the rose.
2. Take the LED lights and weave them in. Twist the ribbon ends outward wrapping them loosely around the LED light strand while rolling up the rose bud. It may take a few tries to get a feel for this, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Leave enough of the LED strand out for the wire to go down the stem.
3. Glue in between layers of ribbon to hold the rose together. Trim the any excess ribbon from the back of the rose bud.
4. Hot glue or super glue the small leaves and stem to the rose bud. Trim the stem to be about 2-3 inches shorter than the cloche bell jar.
5. Cut the wood dowel down to be as tall or slightly shorter than the stem.
6. Wrap the LED wire, stem, and wood dowel together with floral tape.
7. Super glue the rose stem and wood dowel to the base of the cloche bell jar.
8. Hide the LED battery by placing a petal over it. Add more petals to the base.

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