Sarah Hatheway
September 02, 2014 6:58 am

If you missed National Dog Day was last week, it’s not too late to pay homage to our favorite four-legged roomies. I’m a dog-owner myself, so I’m lucky enough to know first-hand how truly special these creatures are.

In honor of (wo)man’s best friend, I made a sweet little bandanna ideal for any dog. I used a store-bought, human-sized bandanna, and adjusted it to make a custom pet accessory that even my wiggly little dog loves wearing. This project is incredibly simple to put together, and the results are over-the-top adorable!


  • Fabric or bandanna
  • Thread in a corresponding color to the fabric
  • 3/4-inch wide sew-on Velcro
  • Basic sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and ironing board

Craft away:

  • Measure around your dog’s neck. You can also measure your dog’s collar, if yours is as wiggly as mine is!
  • Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to in between its shoulder blades.
  • Mark a diagonal line on your fabric, the same length as the measurement around your dog’s neck. Add 2 1/2-inches.
  • Starting from the center of that line, mark a second line that measures the same length as the distance from your dog’s neck to its shoulder blades.
  • Connect the end point of that second line to the two ends of the first line to make a triangle. Cut the triangle out.

  • Use the iron and ironing board to press the edges of the fabric in 1/4-inch, towards the back of the fabric, all the way around the triangle. Pin the fold down.
  • Stitch the fold in place using a needle and thread or sewing machine.

  • Measure and cut a 1-inch piece of each side of the Velcro.
  • Pin the fuzzy piece of Velcro to the outside of the fabric triangle on the right-hand side.
  • Pin the prickly piece of Velcro to the inside of the fabric triangle on the left-hand side.

  • Stitch the two pieces of Velcro in place with the needle and thread or sewing machine.

  • You’re finished! Gently wrap the bandanna around your dog’s neck, attach with the Velcro and show off your pup’s cute new accessory.