cat pumpkins
Credit: HelloGiggles

If you’re looking for any last minute decor, look no further: These cat pumpkins are literally purrfect decor for any household celebrating Halloween (or even if you love cats). Trust us, you won’t regret making dozens of these adorable cat pumpkins. We may even have to keep these up all year round.

With a little felt, paint, and hot glue, you can turn any pumpkin into your very own feline bestie. Follow the instructions below and watch the video for visuals. This Halloween, you’ll be the cat’s meow.

Cat Pumpkins


Spray paint
Acrylic paint (optional)
Felt (brown, black, tan, pink, white)
White pipe cleaners
Hot glue


1. Spray paint the pumpkin and allow to dry. You can add spots of other acrylic paint colors with a sponge if desired.

2. Cut out triangles of felt for the ears and inner ears. Cut a slit at the base of the ear and glue it together so it rounds slightly. Glue the inner ear to the ear.

3. Cut out eyes from felt. Hot glue the ears and eyes to the pumpkin.

4. Cut out a muzzle and nose from felt. Glue the nose to the muzzle. Cut the pipe cleaners into 6 whisker-length pieces. Cut tiny holes in the muzzle where the whiskers will go, and stick the pipe cleaners through them, securing them with hot glut on the back.

5. Glue the muzzle to the pumpkin.