DIY Cat Planter

Display your succulents, herbs, and love of all things feline with these super cute cat planters! With the weather getting cooler, now is the perfect time to start curating your indoor garden. These paw-some planters will make it easy to fill your windowsills with foliage.

These planters are totally customizable — create them with any color or facial expression. As a bonus, they’re also the perfect way to upcycle old bottles and reduce waste. You could even make one that looks like your pet cat or favorite feline. So get to gardening, kitty girls.

DIY Cat Planters


Paper (for making a cat ears stencil)
Plastic soda bottles (with labels removed)
Dry erase marker
Spray paint
Paint markers (black and white)
Clear sealant spray paint (optional)


1. Sketch a cat ears stencil out on paper and cut it out.
2. Place the stencil on the soda bottle and use the dry erase marker to trace it.
3. Cut the soda bottle along the dry erase marker lines.
4. Paint the bottle with two coats of spray paint leaving plenty of drying time in between rotating the bottle.
5. Draw a cat face on the front of the bottle with the paint markers and let dry.
6. Finish with a coat of clear sealant spray paint (this is optional).
7. Place the plants inside.