Make these DIY cat phone cases to match your favorite feline


If you are obsessed with your cat or obsessed with cats in general, this is the perfect purrfect craft for you. Seriously, inside, we’re all crazy cat ladies. Except, let’s be real here, it’s not crazy in 2018 to be obsessed with cats. It’s actually perfectly normal and we will fight you if you think otherwise. (Not really: violence isn’t the answer, kittens.)

If you’re the type of person who wants to honor your favorite animal by making a phone case to match them, this is the craft for you. Share with anyone who has a cat or has a cat as their phone background. It’s so adorbz, you might need to get another cat or, like, five more, just to have ample inspiration.

DIY Cat Phone Case

Felt sheet (9 x 12 in.)
Fabric scissors
Felt scraps (pink, black, tan, etc.)
Embroidery thread
Fabric glue (quick drying) or a hot glue gun

1. Using your phone to measure, cut a rectangle slightly larger than your phone with two triangles at the top for ears. Cut a second rectangle the same size.
2. Cut out two small triangles for the ears, a tiny triangle for the nose, and small dots for the eyes. Cut out two arms as well. As an alternative, you can stitch the eyes or other facial features with embroidery thread.
3. Glue the ear insides, eyes, and nose to the base. Glue the outer edge of each arm.
4. Cut a small piece of elastic and glue it to the arms.
5. Place the second rectangle base under and line up the edges.
6. Blanket stitch around the edge with embroidery thread by stitching downward and threading through the loop before tightening the stitch. Start by stitching only through the bottom layer to hide the thread in between.

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