These DIY cat flats are paw-sitively adorable


Add a little cat-itude to an old pair of flats with this adorable DIY. Everyone knows that cat accessories are the best accessories, and these flats are perfect for rounding out your kitty-themed collection. Now you never have to go without a little feline flare.

With just a pair of flats, some tape, and a little paint, you can be at the height of cat couture. These a-meow-zing shoes are guaranteed to turn heads and let everyone know just how obsessed you are with your feline friends.

DIY Cat Flats


Pair of shoes
Painter’s tape
Paint brush
Black acrylic paint
White paint marker
Matte acrylic sealer


1. Put a piece of painter’s tape on the toe of the shoe where you’d like the top of the cat’s head to be.
2. Paint the toe black and wait for the paint to dry. Acrylic paint dries relatively quickly. Remove the tape.
3. Use the white paint marker to draw a nose, eyes and whiskers. Wait to dry.
4. Cover the cat with the matte acrylic sealer paint.

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