Credit: Disney

The cost of going to Disneyland just went up a little more. This isn’t anything new—prices increase just about every year. Now, though, the cost of a day at Disney might depend on when you go. As part of Disney’s latest attempt at crowd management, it will now cost visitors $5 less if they visit Disneyland on a non-peak day, and $20 more to visit during peak times.

“The demand for our theme parks continues to grow, particularly during peak periods,” Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown said. “In addition to expanding our parks, we are adopting seasonal pricing on our one-day ticket to help better spread visitation throughout the year.”

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have been charging $99 for a one-day ticket. Under this newest policy, each calendar day will be designated a “value” day, a “regular” day, or a “peak” day. The new price will be $95 for a value day, $105 for a regular day and $119 for a peak day (think holidays, summer, and spring break). Disney says it will post eight-to-11-month calendars online that list which days fall in each pricing period. And remember, after you spend all that cash on your ticket, you still need money to spend on food and souvenirs.

While some cynics suggest this latest price increase is profit-motivated, there has been notable pressure for Disney to address its overcrowding problem. The company reported a 10% increase in visitors at its domestic parks this past October to December quarter, causing the theme parks to reach new attendance records. During the holiday season, Disneyland was forced to shut its gates for a time when the park reached maximum capacity.

Disneyland spokespeople are also quick to note that they are adding many attractions, perhaps justifying the cost. The company is currently working to add a 14-acre Star Wars Land and plans to add a new Frozen-themed stage show later this year. (Can I sing along with Elsa and Anna? Pretty please?) Also, the popular Disney California Adventure Land ride Soarin’ Over California is also undergoing an intense revamp to be revealed later this year.

Granted, as much as I am going to complain about this price increase, it won’t stop me from actually visiting the parks. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Haunted Mansion.