Natalia Lusinski
Updated May 21, 2016 @ 3:08 pm
disney springs
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Disney World is already one of our favorite places on Earth, but now it’s even better. How is that possible, you ask? Two words: Disney Springs. Think Downtown Disney, but with tons more options. Aside from shopping and entertainment, there are so many kinds of food, it’s like a year-round food festival, and you’ll want to go back again and again. There really is something for everyone, with places you’ve heard of and places you haven’t.

Most of the new dining, dessert, and drinking options opened last week. Craving a Cuban sandwich? Sushi? A crepe (like a s’mores or salmon one from Aristocrepes)? Or how about just sitting back with a margarita? Or snacking on a Sprinkles cupcake? You can also hit up the food trucks, like Namaste Café or the World Showcase of Flavors. And, of course, old food favorites like T-REX are still there.

Hungry yet?

For instance, the food kiosk, The Daily Poutine, will feature poutine as you know it — thick-cut fries topped with cheese curds and gravy — but with a twist. If you want a French version, they’ll have Gruyere and mushroom cream sauce. Or you can opt for the Italian version, with mozzarella and Bolognese sauce. Y.U.M.

Or maybe you want a burger. And you haven’t truly had a burger until you’ve had one from D-Luxe Burger, everything from the El Diablo burger (with a chorizo-blend) to veggie ones, of course. Plus, fries with dipping sauces, six different kinds. Who needs ketchup anyway?

There are also fancier options — date night, anyone? — like the world-renowned STK, for seafood and steak. Mmm. You could even book a party there (DJ optional).

Looking for more dessert options or celebrating a birthday and want Goofy or Mickey on it? Then why not pick up a character cake from Amorette’s Pastisserie? The cakes use one-of-a-kind ingredients like popping candies in the chocolate cake (fun!) and feature flavors like Floridian orange.

And if you want to see a cabaret-style show while you’re at Disney Springs, you’re in luck. The steampunk-esque cocktail club The Edison will be opening in the Spring of 2017. (There is one in L.A. and it’s super cool.) The Disney Springs location will have seven different lounge and bar areas. Aside from seeing cabaret, you can check out other various kinds of entertainment, including DJs, palm readers, and contortionists.

And, if you’re not totally stuffed after dinner (which would be impressive), you can wash it all down with a sake slushie (yep) from Yesake or a tropical smoothie from Forty Thirst Street Express (alcohol optional).

The possibilities are truly endless. You can check out all the deets here.

Okay, I officially can’t concentrate on anything but food now. BRB, have to go grab a snack, STAT.