Teri Wilson
March 02, 2015 6:37 am

In a likely attempt to break the Internet faster than a pair of runaway llamas.—the two most powerful images in the brief history of the world wide web have joined forces. Behold the dress (yes, THAT dress) worn by the ultimate pop culture icons. We’re talking about Disney Princesses, of course. Cosmo took the whole white/gold/blue/black dress drama from last week and outfitted everyone from Ariel to Cinderella in last week’s most obsessed over about item.  And it is our duty (isn’t it?) to share their efforts with you.

Look! It’s Cinderella, the girl of the hour, who we’ll most def be hanging out with on March 13. Can I just say how stoked I am that she’s a fellow member of team #WhiteandGold? Her dress IS white and gold, isn’t it? Wait. Don’t even tell me if it’s not. Just don’t.

Meanwhile, under the sea everyone saw the dress as blue and black.

I hate to break it to Tiana, but I made a wish, and it didn’t turn a frog into a prince. Nor did it make the dress white and gold.

When Mulan isn’t going into battle disguised as a man, she wears a dress. THE dress.

Pocahontas, you’re singing my tune. The colors of the wind are white and gold.

Clearly, Jasmine and Rajah are still in the throes of the #dressgate drama. It’s over, you guys. Let it go. Let. It. Go.

And speaking of let it go…

The look on Anna’s face perfectly captures my confusion over the whole dress ordeal.

I know, I know. The dress was blue and black. Case closed. I’ve read the articles explaining the optical illusions of the photograph. I promise I have. I still don’t get it. And I’ve lost all faith in my ability to dress myself from now on. But somehow seeing the dress on Disney Princesses makes everything better.

All images via Cosmo.