Elizabeth Entenman
September 07, 2015 10:56 am

In case you’ve been living under a literal rock and that rock doesn’t get wifi, let’s review something basic: The Internet is really into reimagining Disney characters right now. Actually, the Internet has been really into reimagining Disney characters for a while now, to the point that it’s almost too much. Almost.

It feels like every new set of Disney-inspired illustrations just gets more creative than the last. We’ve seen what Disney princesses would look like at music festivals, with short hair and on the red carpet. We’ve given them realistic waistlines and iconic haircuts. The latest incarnation is here, and it does not disappoint.

Illustrator Joel Santana asked himself: What would Disney princesses look like as tattooed pin-up girls? The results are fabulous. Each girl is a sexy, confident, modern-day boss-princess. The best part, though, is Santana keeps the girls true to themselves; their tattoos even give subtle nods to their individual stories. Here are the princesses he’s drawn so far.

“Inked Belle”

Pin-up Belle is still a voracious reader, and gold is still her color. Her ink is heavy on roses, which makes perfect sense, given the enchanted rose from the Beauty and the Beast story. We also spot a clock, a candle and a teapot on her arms. And, it’s likely no coincidence the man behind her art is very beast-like.

“Inked S. White”

This Snow White has her own magic mirror AND her own poisoned apple. The Seven Dwarfs are nowhere to be seen in the setting, but S.W. is an independent woman these days. The dwarves are, however, represented on her arm with a simple number ‘7’ and a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it diamond. Oh, and she’s totally rocking that purple streak in her hair.

“Inked Ariel”

Ariel is still Ariel, with her bright red hair, purple bra and green bottoms. Despite her lack of fins, she still has a mermaid-like elegance. Ariel’s stayed true to her roots with a crab tattoo and music notes — she’s probably still got a fabulous set of pipes, natch.

So, what princesses can we next? “I can’t wait to share the first concept sketches for Jasmine!!!” Santana wrote on his Facebook page. Neither can we. He also posts work-in-progress versions of his work, so hopefully stay tuned for more of those!

(Images via Facebook.)