Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Illustrator Isaiah Stephens just designed our new favorite, Disney princess recreation – especially because he looked to The Notebook for inspiration!

Every month, Stephens works to create an impressively unique series for Cosmopolitan and, this month, he decided to up the ante with a theme. What theme did he choose, you ask? Well, since it is February, the artist aimed to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day.

We totally agree (especially after seeing the animator’s incredible work)!

The fun fair scene, featuring Anna, Kristoff, and Hans (still mad at him, tbh):

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

John Smith and Pocahontas are lying in the middle of the road. John even has Noah’s signature cap on:

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Prince Naveen is rowing his troubles away, while…

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Tiana does not look happy to be engaged to someone else:

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Hercules used his strength to build a mansion (complete with blue shutters and a tractor in the background!):

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Rapunzel, Rapunzel’s hair, Flynn, and all their Maximus-colored geese:

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Aladdin and Jasmine are having a moment:

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Prince Phillip and Aurora are taking a nap, right? RIGHT?!

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

And we’re back to the beginning with grown-up Mulan and Shang:

Credit: Isaiah Stephens Art

Stephens clearly knows his The Notebook trivia because these recreations instantly remind us of the movie. I mean, look at the details!

“I think it’s interesting how well the characters easily fit into the look of the characters,” the artist tells HelloGiggles. “It kind of makes you think about how timeless and relatable both the film and the characters are!”

Now, we’re just going to go and sob about Aurora and Prince Phillip for a bit…

All images reprinted with permission from the artist. Connect with Isaiah on his Facebook or Instagram.