The Halloween season is upon us, and even Disney princesses are getting in on the fun. While we might be looking to dress up as our favorite princess for the holiday, the princesses want to dress up as something else, of course. So how about some pretty scary horror movie-inspired “twisted” princesses?

Artist Jeffery Thomas has created a series of reimagined Disney princesses that he’s calling “Twisted Princesses.” Instead of the usual reimagined princesses that we see — like ones with new hair styles, different waists, or as the characters from Mean Girls — he has instead taken them and inserted them into a revamped horror movie of their own movie. He’s even included a re-written story about these classic Disney movies to accompany the twisted princess.

Rapunzel and Flynn no longer live happily ever after, and instead, Rapunzel is out to avenge his death. Her hair is now a weapon that will entangle those who get in her way, and destroy them.

Mulan is now a walking zombie, but don’t worry, she still manages to defeat the Huns and save China (she’s also using Mushu’s spirit and body to stay alive).

Tiana defeats Dr. Facilier, but in the process of doing so, she accidentally becomes the next Shadow Man Woman.

Merida doesn’t manage to save her mom, Queen Elinor, and then her father is killed in battle, too, so it’s up to her to rule the land — with her Queen Mother Bear by her side.

Thomas hasn’t stuck to the core princesses, but has branched out to include other Disney heroines, too. Like Wendy, who also happens to be a Zombie and may or may not be the one to kill Peter Pan.

Also, majorly in love with the twisted (princess!) Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph who becomes a Sugar Rush road warrior right out of Mad Max.

You can check out Thomas’ series of 21 Twisted Princesses over on his DeviantArt page, and you most certainly should. He’s got twisted Ariel with a dinglehopper for a hand, twisted Snow White with a demon army of dwarves, and even a bow and arrow wielding Maid Marion who’s the new Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

Anyone now re-thinking their entire princess Halloween costume to make it a little more twisted?

(Images via Jeffery Thomas/DeviantArt.)