Happy Halloween! Today’s all about candy and costumes, so as you can imagine some of our favorite Disney princesses and their princes are totally getting in on the fun, too. Nothing says you can’t go trick-or-treating through the Magic Kingdom.

Artist Isaiah Stephens has done a whole series of Disney characters reimagined in some awesome Halloween costumes. If you’re still trying to pull a last second costume together, you’re going to be super jealous of what Rapunzel, Snow White, and Aurora have thrown together. Then again, they do have all sorts of things working for them, like magic spells and mice/fairies willing to make awesome clothing for them. We’ve just got Target and maybe some hot glue.

Superheroes are always a popular costume, and Snow White and Ariel know that, dressing as Wonder Woman and Black Widow, respectively.

When she’s not sleeping, Aurora loves to binge watch Game of Thrones, just like us. And get it, her little dragon is a tiny Maleficent!

Wendy is not a little short to be Princess Leia.

Mulan is the perfect Xena: Warrior Princess because Mulan is actually a warrior princes, too.

And you know Rapunzel is having SO MUCH FUN as Sailor Moon, and Pascal is having none of it.

As for their princes, Flynn and Max make a perfect Marty McFly and Doc Brown. I bet Flynn’s also really upset hoverboards don’t exist IRL.

Prince Charming, Prince Eric, and Prince Philip make the best Sam, Castiel, and Dean from Supernatural.

And Naveen’s got enough charm to pull of a pretty convincing Captain Jack Sparrow.

If you want to see the whole collection, including the likes of Hercules, Merida, and even the movie Atlantis, check out all of Stephens’ Disney Halloween reimaginings over on his DeviantArt page.

(Images via Isaiah Stephens/DeviantArt.)