Rachel Paige
August 22, 2015 10:16 am

Fun fact: Disney actually has its own currency. You can head to your nearest Disney Park and pick up a whole stack of Disney Dollars and use them to buy things like Mickey hats and churros. But the second you leave the park, the currency no longer works and you can’t take those Disney Dollars and buy something at Starbucks. Because, real life.

HOWEVER, with that being said, there is somewhere in the world that has its own version of Disney currency that does work at Starbucks, along with everywhere else real money is accepted. If you’re headed to New Zealand, don’t just change everything into the NZ dollar. Change it all into silver coins featuring our favorite Disney princesses.

The island of Niue in New Zealand uses the currency of the country, of course, but they also release commemorative coins every year because why not make money MORE FUN? In the past, they’ve released silver and gold coins with characters from Doctor Who and Star Wars on them, and right now, they’re in the middle of rolling out some Disney princess coins. Because, YES.

The coins — the gold $25 and the silver $2 — will actually cost you a little bit more than that to keep them as pocket change. They’re considered real currency, yes, so you can use them to buy Starbucks. However, purchasing the coins will run about $600 and $80 a piece. So maybe don’t keep them as loose change in the bottom of your purse. Instead, start that coin collection you’ve always wanted, seeing as how each new princess coin comes with a commemorative book, too.

Ariel, Aurora, Bella, and Cinderella coins have already been released, with Jasmine and Snow White are on the way. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spend your heard-earned money buying other forms of money designed with princesses in mind.

(Image via Disney and NZ Mint.)