Credit: Disney

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good Disney princess re-imagining. Snow White and her squad mixing it up as red carpet celebrities, fine art portraits, or hot dogs (it’s a thing…we promise)??? YES, PLEASE. But our new favorite might be these Disney princesses re-imagined as the full-on queens they’re destined to become.

In a stroke of creative genius, designer Nephi Garcia of Designer Daddy Studio created a new photo series that explores what Disney princesses will look like once they’ve grown into adult queens. After all, these princesses were born to rule.

Hold up, though. It gets even better. The best part of Garcia’s project is that he shot each princess in princess/queen pairings, using real-life adult children and their mothers as models. There’s a young woman posing as Snow White, with her mother-in-law as Queen Snow. Several of the princess/queen couplings are mother-daughter duos, and there’s also one featuring a mother-son (and it’s AMAZING).

Garcia drew inspiration from Mother’s Day and calls the Disney princesses, now queens, appropriately, Queen Mothers.

Check out Snow White:

Our fighting girl Mulan.

Credit: YouTube/Designer Daddy

Even Cinderella goes from Disney princess to queen in style!

Credit: Youtube/Designer Daddy

As part of the project, Garcia had the princess models write letters to their mothers during the process. Their words will melt your heart!

You can see snippets from the letters, along with ALL of Nephi Garcia’s Disney Princess-Queen Mother series in the video below:

Yaaaas, queen!