Bridey Heing
August 10, 2015 2:11 pm

Here’s the thing about Disney Princesses: they just don’t age. Due to the whole “being a cartoon” thing, Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel have managed to stay in their teens for decades. We accept this fact, just as we accept that their hair never gets frizzy and their makeup never smudges. But we’re also fans of anyone who wants to reimagine more realistic versions of Disney Princesses. And once again, Buzzfeed‘s Loryn Brantz (who is responsible for a ton of realistic DPs) has not let us down.

In the site’s latest video, Brantz imagines what the cartoon ladies would look like several decades into the future, and it’s awesome. The gorgeous gray hair, the textured lines that come with time, the advanced style–we’re loving their mature looks. It’s not that Disney movies don’t portray older women, it’s just that usually, those women are villains—not heroines. Sometimes their whole evil schtick originates from the desire to be younger—a damaging and misguided stereotype about women we could all probably do without. So, we’re loving Brantz’s futuristic projection of more mature, but still benevolent Disney Princesses.

And she didn’t stop at animations. In a separate post, she also gave us a glimpse of what the future might have held for the princesses. Jasmine has a group of grandkids running around the palace. Meanwhile, Mulan is an ambassador and Belle opened a public library with Beast’s amazing book collection.

It makes us wish Disney would take this idea and run with it! How about some sequels set way in the future? Can we make that happen, Disney?

(Image via Buzzfeed)


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